Renovation & Remodel Ideas for Your Home

Renovation versus building new . . . this is a question many homeowners consider. For many reasons, a homeowner may find that a renovation or remodel may make more sense for them than building new. You may love your current location and the mature trees in your yard, or perhaps you love your house . . . except for that outdated kitchen or that master bath that needs a breath of fresh air. Perhaps a home renovation seems simpler or less costly or time consuming. Regardless of your reasons, taking on a renovation can be quite a feat, so having a guide to help you navigate the process and understand your options from the start can help you make good decisions to protect your investment.

Home renovation requires a different sort of problem solving skills. You may have many questions like “How do we make this small house live larger?” “What will it look like in the end and will it have been worth the effort and expense?” “Will we need to update or repair the existing foundation, walls, electrical or plumbing?” Without professional help, many homeowners find themselves in uncharted territory, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Your wish list may be large or small, but both practical and outside the box thinking must be employed to make the most of your budget and stay on schedule. Let the home design pros at ACM Design be your guide through the remodeling process to make your project a success.