Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this home was designed not only to celebrate the beauty of its surroundings but also to tell the story of a couple’s life together. Each room was crafted to showcase both art and furniture that held special meaning for the owners. Color, lighting, and composition enhance the personality of the home rather than overshadow it. Integrating natural elements like wood, stone, and granite into the structure have offered the homeowners a way of connecting with nature whether they spend time indoors or out. With its warm personality, this cottage invites friends and family to take a break from day-to-day distractions and focus on the comfort and serenity that this mountain home offers.

Architecture and Interiors — ACM Design PA
Landscape Design and Installation — Highland Heritage Landscape
Builder – Thompson-Rhodes Builders

Completed in 2008


“When we decided to build a custom home in North Carolina we started with just a few basic parameters. First, we were building on the lot we had purchased on Reynolds Mountain, so we wanted the home design to capitalize on the view of Asheville and the mountains to the south. Second, we wanted the home to reflect a traditional “Asheville” look while evoking the feel of a home one might see in the English or French countryside. The home size was restricted by the size of our 0.79 acre lot which we had chosen for its relatively flat terrain for this mountainside location.

Our choice of ACM Design as architect was a bit serendipitous as the owner, Amy Conner Murphy happened to know our daughter through their children in school. In early conversations we were impressed with Amy’s experience in commercial and residential architecture. What really sold us were her intelligent questions and early renditions based on our input. We could not be happier with the final result. ACM Design translated our preferences into a warm and comfortable home that takes full advantage of the location, combining indoor and outdoor living areas.”

-Tom & Linda Bushar