At ACM Design, we believe a house is more than bricks and mortar.  It’s the place where our spirits are replenished, our enthusiasm is renewed, and relationships with family and friends are celebrated.  Because every family is different, our team of architects and designers will create your custom home with your specific needs and wishes in mind.  In the end, shouldn’t your home embrace the way you live?  We think so.

At ACM Design, we combine creativity and experience to create a new vision for your existing home.  Whether you are accommodating a growing family, addressing physical needs, or simply sprucing up, we can help you improve the way your current home works and looks by imaging what could be instead of being confined to what exists now.  From the overall concept to the smallest detail, our professionals will guide you with creative design and cost effective construction options to make the most of your home.

Often overlooked by other architects, designers and even builders until after construction begins, interior spaces are critically important in the design of a home.  Since we primarily live inside of our homes, giving significant attention to the look, feel and function of the interior spaces is what helps make a house a home.

Whether you are incorporating architectural interiors in the overall design of a new home or simply need interior design services for furnishings and accessories, ACM Design can help.

With architectural interiors, we intentionally integrate the design of exterior and interior architecture to create a harmonious home design, attuned to the needs and sensibilities of the family who will live there.

With interior design, we transform the interiors with color palettes, lighting, furnishings and accessories to create comfortable and timeless living spaces.

Many are drawn to our beautiful mountain region because of the incredible scenery, perhaps desiring a greater connection to nature or aspiring to lead a more active life.  At ACM Design, we understand that capturing views and inspiring a feeling of integration with nature is paramount to any home design.  Whether you are looking for a quiet space to read or watch the birds, or desiring a full outdoor living experience with fireplace, summer kitchen and water element, we have the experience designing outdoor living spaces that inspire.

Bringing value to our clients is about more than simply delivering services.  It is about making a difference for each family; from the way you experience your home to knowing that you have invested in quality.  By integrating the architecture with interior and outdoor design, we work with you to create a beautiful and timeless home, weaving together function and aesthetics while staying true to your vision.  From the overall concept to the smallest detail, our architects and designers are advocates for our clients throughout the entire process, ensuring that schedules stay on track, work is performed to specification, and the personality of your custom home shines through.

1“Getting to know you and your site”

Identify with the client. Understanding how you live or how you want to live is critical to the success of designing a home that meets your needs. Our Residential Architecture Questionnaire gives you a way to express the basics of what you need and want in your home. Sharing photos or magazine clippings that you have likely collected over the years will shed further light on your vision of home. Even the smallest detail provides us with insight.

Embrace the site. Walking the property to get the feel of the land and its natural attributes is crucial. Observe how the sun moves across the land. Pinpoint the best views. Assess form, function and accessibility to understand how the home will “fit” on the site.


2“Coming up with a great idea”

Think, dream, think, dream. Information is processed. Design ideas begin to take shape through a unique balance of technical analysis and creative intuition.

Create, dream, create, dream. Thought takes form through conceptual sketches illustrating how the house could work on the site, how the rooms could work together, and how the home might look from the outside. This is the time that the overall team, client and designer, shares ideas, discussing what is working and what needs to be adjusted.



“Making sure a great idea works”

Function and aesthetics. Study the conceptual design with floor plan and exterior elevation sketches. Ensure that the functionality of the spaces balance with the aesthetics of the design. Consider the landscape and how to “ground” the home.

Continue the conversation. Ongoing communication with the client ensures that the design works and stays true to the vision of home.




“Bringing the great idea into reality”

Think, draw, think, draw. Expanding our drawings from floor plans and exterior elevations to building sections and details will show us the particulars of the design and construction. Finalize the overall skeleton of the home structure, from the floor to the roof.

Now you see it. Clients often begin to clearly visualize and understand the more detailed aspects of the design as it relates to how the spaces will actually “feel”.



“Weaving in the creature comforts”

Life on the inside. Once the architectural design of the home has been developed, the focus shifts to interior details. Once again, balance is key between function and aesthetics.

Details, details, details. We will design the interior details of the home and help you select everything, from cabinetry, to flooring and lighting, and much more. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to “try out” bath tubs and door knobs to see if it “feels right”.




“Being thorough and complete”

Thorough and complete. Once the design of the home has been thoroughly developed, both inside and out, it is time to ensure that the technical drawings are thorough and complete. All of the details and specifications must be clear for construction, so that the pricing your builder prepares is accurate.



7“Making sure it all gets done right”

An extra set of eyes. Things always come up during construction…rock underground, substitutions which offer options for savings, “found” space in a corner of the attic. We are there through construction to help you manage challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Common thread. We know the design of your home inside and out so that when changes come about, they are considered in the full perspective. Since your team expands to include the builder that will construct your home, clear communication is critical. That’s why it is comforting to have ACM Design as your advocate to ensure that even the smallest details are not overlooked.

Signature Series

At ACM Design, we believe that every family should have a home that feels right and functions well for them.  After years of designing custom homes for clients, we have learned a few design lessons about space, function and appeal that seem to be universal.  This knowledge has led us to develop a small portfolio of pre-designed plans, incorporating some of the most popular home features.  The ACM Design Pre-Designed Portfolio called the Signature Series made its debut in 2016.

Mountain Craftsman:

Inspired by one of our most popular custom home designs, this Signature Series plan achieves beautiful aesthetic appeal while incorporating highly requested features such as open concept living, mast on main, and second bedroom/office on main. A little over 3000 square feet, this home has a compact footprint, allowing for a great degree of flexibility in positioning the home within the typography and property confines.

ACM Design - Signature Series

For more information about plans in the Signature Series please contact ACM Design at or call us at: 828-684-9884.

Sustainable design is about more than building “green.”  Our design process takes into account planning for current needs, as well as considering long-term priorities, creating homes that endure.  At ACM Design, we bring specialized training and expertise to the design of a custom residence or renovation.  Whether your primary concern is being environmentally responsible or planning for aging in place, we help you identify the components necessary to sustainable living that balances comfort, functionality and budget awareness.

“Look Up” by AIA National

“Before even beginning to design, architects look up. It’s the very first step in envisioning what could be. An architect’s unique perspective and approach to his or her work inspires us all. We have only to look up to see the contributions of architects present in our everyday lives. Look up and be inspired. Take a photo of the architecture that inspires you and post it on social media with #ilookup to join the community.”

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