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We Serve Discerning Clients Who Appreciate Design and Understand the Value of Investing Their Time in Planning for Their Dream Home

Welcome to ACM Design where we take your home to heart. We are a boutique architecture and interior design firm specializing in high end custom residential projects including custom home design, whole home renovations, and outdoor living design. From garden to hearth, we carefully consider every aspect of your home and how you live throughout the entire process. Our knowledge and appreciation of mountain living makes us uniquely qualified to create homes that capture the view, complement the environment and cultivate quality lives for the families that call them home.

Amy Conner-Murphy

Architect, Interior Designer, Founder

“Building a great home starts with building strong relationships. Our strength lies in our ability to listen and communicate effectively with you from the very beginning, being receptive and responsive to your thoughts and ideas.”

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Valerie Lowe

Project Designer

“The design of your interior spaces influences how you feel. I want to help bring out your joy everyday. This attitude, when applied to the design of a home, brings life, love, and laughter inside.”

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Jordan Johnson

Design Intern

“Designing homes is about giving attention to every detail, small and large, and learning to adapt what you’ve learned in the classroom to real life dynamics to create for clients their forever dream home. I’m excited to be learning from the best at it!”

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Julia Murphy

Marketing and New Media Assistant

“A key component of translating design in the 21st century is utilizing cutting edge technology to aid in visualization. Through compelling use of video and digital images, we can craft a thorough understanding for our clients.”

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The ACM Design team is comprised of knowledgeable, highly-skilled professionals with ample experience designing highly personalized custom homes. We are licensed architects in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our talented team of hardworking design professionals, each with their own unique style and set of expertise, is passionate about providing exceptional service. We will thoughtfully consider your particular situation and tailor our services to meet your every need.

Our goal is to create well-designed homes that are comfortable and beautiful spaces in which to live — timeless homes created with quality, longevity, and environmental sensitivity in mind.

Our office and team are proud to be a part of numerous nationally recognized organizations for architects and to be affiliated both locally, in the Asheville area, and on the national level.

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