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Outdoor Living

Embrace the Landscape with Inspired and Uplifting Outdoor Living Spaces

Today’s outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home. Make the most of your property by extending the warmth, comfort, and personalization of the interior rooms with an exceptional outdoor space by ACM Design.

Here in western North Carolina we have four full seasons to revel in the outdoors in a variety of ways, many of which can occur in your own backyard — with the proper planning. At ACM Design we delight in designing outdoor living spaces that celebrate the beautiful mountain scenery and set the stage for your enjoyment. Whether you are looking for experience-based spaces — like outdoor cooking and entertainment stations, yoga studios, meditation spaces, or reading nooks — or more traditional outdoor areas — like sport courts, swimming pools and spas, or firepits — we will work with you to create your own personal oasis.

Careful thought and planning are required to determine the best use of your mountain property to maximize its potential for outdoor living. Our outdoor living design services can take you from inception to preparation and, finally, installation. We will guide you in building a team of qualified professionals who are knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide installations that will stand the test of time in the mountain topography.

Favorite Outdoor Living Designs from Our Portfolio

Get Started with a Low Commitment Consultation

Low Committment Consultation with an Architect

At ACM Design, we understand and appreciate that your outdoor living design project requires an investment of time, budget, and energy, which is why we developed our Clarity Consultation ™ (CC) with your best interest in mind. The CC includes access to our proprietary online outdoor living design questionnaire so clients can share their needs, goals and ideas for their outdoor living spaces, as well as an on-site visit to assess existing conditions of the property. During the on-site visit we assess real-life site-specific conditions as they pertain to topography and natural elements. By making a comparatively small investment in the CC, you gain an understanding of the design intricacies and possibilities of your outdoor living design project and the ability to confirm the right balance between design and budget, prior to committing to the entire project. The results of the CC are yours to keep. Contact us to discuss our low-commitment, Clarity Consultation.

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