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Trust your design style and don't give in to FOMO or YOLO!

Designing for Your Own Likes without FOMO

Some may say that we live in a culture-of-the-moment. There are so many home design shows, influencers, book and magazine publishers, and the normal banter at gatherings with friends where it may seem that we are always chasing new trends, and being bombarded with what’s in and what’s out. It can be confusing. And worse, it can create an unneeded desire to follow the newest trends because of a fear of missing out (FOMO) – or not being “current.” We want to bring some calm to this conversation. To assure our clients that they can love their home, find peace and enjoyment with their design decisions, and create a space with lasting appeal that’s not subject to the changing tides.

Our advice is to stop worrying about trends, embrace what you love, and relax with the freedom to quiet those fears of missing out as YOLO—you only live once.

Let’s be honest, keeping up with every design trend is expensive (and unnecessary). I’m reminded of the essential fashion advice: invest in quality pieces that become the base for your wardrobe and sprinkle in unique accents that are on trend. We all like a little pizazz, but I am not planning to wear out a scrunchie from the mid-1990’s to top off my outfit today—at least not until next year when that’s back in vogue again.

McMansions are a result of not following this sage fashion advice. In fact, homes designed with a major focus on the current home design trend get built and then the homeowners find themselves just a few years later unhappy because the trend is passe. Worse yet, when homes are built or renovated hastily, using sub-par materials, to track with the current trend, it often results in costly replacements down the roard. There is a sense of disposability we find in some home construction these days, but unfortunately, faster and cheaper usually does not mean better. This direction is not good for our clients’ budgets long-term, for the neighborhoods in which we live and frequent, nor overall quality of life. Timeless design is the antidote for this.

So How Do You Calm FOMO and Focus on What Really Matters?

Our team embraces all styles of homes, from ultra modern to traditional, from mountain modern to European romantic to mountain craftsman. Irrespective of style, all homes should be beautifully and thoughtfully designed for their particular site and environment to create an enduring appeal. Our job is to help clients strike that balance between an enduring aesthetic and the evolution in design options that make things better and should be integrated into current home design.

Focus on What Represents Your Individual Style

Consider the spaces you need and want for your home and identify your priorities. Taking the time upfront to envision the life you want, will lead to the evolution of the right floor plan layout for your needs, and often will point to the best and appropriate architectural style. Then, invest in quality items like rugs and sofas for these rooms. Express your style through art. Was your aunt a sculptor or your father a painter? Do you have collection of dishes you would like to show off? These family pieces have a spot in a well curated home design and are great conversation pieces. They bring personality to your space. Artwork is a great way to interject color into a more neutral palette of building materials. Less expensive items like paint, pillows, and throw blankets add texture and layers to a design, but are also easy to replace and are the opportunity to bring in trending colors or styles. Always keep in mind our philosophy: focus on knowing when to emphasize detail and knowing where to keep things quiet. The quiet moments allow the focal elements to shine.

Focus on What Fits the Setting and Durability

Natural and high-quality materials, such as stone, brick and timber never go out of style. Recent home design trends incorporated bright white or dark, nearly black, exterior color palettes. Although these palettes can be very striking, they can also date the home if not detailed carefully. For mountain homes, we typically select a color palette that creates a sense of balance with the natural landscape. One of our “go to” colors is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams, which is dark, but plays nicely with both lighter and darker exterior materials.

Although architectural shingle roofing is a mainstay in current home construction, due to its durability and reasonable price point, sometimes a different material can really make a big statement. Standing seam metal roofs have proven their durability and are becoming more commonplace in high end architecture. This style roof can adapt to both a modern-style exterior and is versatile enough to match rustic and traditional mountain architecture, as either a full roof material or simply as an accent to an architectural shingle roof. Porcelain tile roofs, which approximate the look of natural slate or cedar shakes, provide a new opportunity for roofing. This type of roof can be an excellent investment for incorporating a quality, lasting product, at a lower cost than natural slate and at a lower combustibility risk for cedar shakes.

Another important consideration is to give some thought to the character of the area where the home is or will be located. There are styles that are acceptable in the historic district of Grove Park or Biltmore Forest, which tends to have a more traditional aesthetic. While well-designed modern homes are interjecting a sense of diversity in more traditional neighborhoods such as The Ramble at Biltmore Forest.

The investment in your home is one of the largest any person will make. It’s the place you come to rest, relax, entertain, and to live your life to the fullest. Consider design features that stand the test of time using proven methods and use durable materials. Brutalist, clean lines, minimalism, naturally crafted, opulence, baroque—the design pendulum will continue to swing between these many styles and more at infinitum. Remember, a well-built home using quality materials will provide a sense of well-being and security. Don’t worry so much about trends. Just focus on the things that mean something to you and are an expression of your own personal taste style. You won’t regret it!

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