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Amy Conner-Murphy, AIA. Architect and Interior Designer discussed exterior paint color trends with The Wall Street Journal, January 2024

“Exterior Paint Colors Homeowners Want” in the Wall Street Journal

Amy Conner-Murphy speaks with the Wall Street Journal about exterior paint colors. The paper recently examined the latest in home design and how exterior colors are moving toward nature-inspired colors. The article explores the overall trend of how Americans are moving away from bright-white, farmhouse style exteriors and dark-black to the "nature-inspired hues [of]—olives, bronzes, taupes and dreamy creams."...

ACM Design and Amy Conner-Murphy featured in new article on Redfin

ACM Design Featured on Redfin

ACM Design's Amy Conner-Murphy contributes to new Redfin article. 29 Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas: Create Your Dream Room. By Jamie Forbes PARTIALLY REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s a place to unwind, relax, and recharge after a long day. However, this can be hard to do. How do you create a cozy and comfortable space that promotes restful sleep and...

Amy Conner-Murphey and Kathy Greeley

High Point Market 2022

[caption id="attachment_8005" align="alignright" width="478"] A very bright spot to our visit was getting to celebrate our design colleague and friend Kathy Greeley as she launched her book “The Collected Cottage” at the Currey & Co showroom. Congrats Kathy![/caption] We're back from visiting the High Point Market this fall. It was a busy time going from booth to booth, both exploring new...

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