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Custom doors by Kowalscy Doors as seen on visit by North Carolina architect, Amy Conner-Murphy

Custom Doors with Exceptional Craftsmanship and Details

When looking to personalize a space, it is the details that matter.
We say this all the time . . .

Upon returning from our European trip to the BAU, I’m excited to share with clients a new vendor we met, Kowalscy Windows & Doors, who produce bespoke doors and windows. Their factory was amazing–-orderly, neat, clean, and filled with people who you could tell love the products they produce. The attention given to their work is evident when the production facility is so efficient and well-maintained. Their manufacturing is based in Poland and the firm has retail locations throughout the country, as well as in Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Greece. They serve the high-end luxury, European markets for new construction, as well as historic restorations.

Kowalscy takes many of their design cues from old world craftsmanship, but add a modern twist with specialized details, shapes and finishes, rendered primarily in high quality wood. Through the use of modern building technologies and machines, they are able to execute intricate designs while creating a product that is substantial and will hold true against the test of time. An important part of the process for Kowaslcy is the hand-finishing of all of their wood doors. This final touch at the end of production accentuates all the fine details of their custom work for their customer’s enjoyment.

Custom doors by Kowalscy Doors as seen on visit by North Carolina architect, Amy Conner-Murphy

Intricate details on custom wood door with Moorish, star detail

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