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New Custom Homes

What You Can Expect When Developing a New Custom Home with ACM Design

At ACM Design, we believe a house is more than bricks and mortar. It’s the place where our energy is restored, our spirits are replenished, and relationships with family and friends flourish.

What’s Involved With Designing A Custom Home?

The process of designing your custom dream home should be a fulfilling and enriching experience. At ACM Design our process can be tailored to cover every inch of your project, from garden to hearth. We work with you to discover your family’s specific needs and to hone your vision for the custom home of your dreams. We will guide you through the process, advising on key elements like quality fit and finishes, how to maximize your views and incorporate unique topographical details, as well as space planning and room volumes to create a one-of-a-kind luxury dream home with a direct connection to the outdoors.


Home Design & Floor Plans


Architectural Interior Finishes


Interior Design


Outdoor Living

Select Your Level of Engagement

Developing your custom home is an opportunity to design each space to your specific needs. Every family is different, so the needs of each of our clients vary by project. Based on our years of experience, we have developed three tiers of service level packages for you to choose from as a starting point. Each package offers a different level of engagement and we encourage clients to select their service based on the level of assistance they would like to receive. From our white glove Premium Services Package where we take care of every detail to our Core Services Package where we carefully craft your dream home while you manage the builder relationships, interiors, and outdoor living design — each of our packages follow our personalized design approach process and result in a beautiful, bespoke home.

All Tiers of Our Architectural Design Services Include:

  • Home siting & preliminary site plan
  • Home design & floor plans
  • Building elevations with exterior materials
  • Building sections & details
  • Window & door schedules
  • Electrical & lighting plans

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Premium Service Package

Who is this package for?

The Premium Services Package offers our highest level of assistance replete with personalized details incorporated into every aspect of your new home design — from architectural design to architectural interiors to outdoor living design. This option is particularly well-suited for clients who are relocating to the Asheville area and will benefit from having an experienced, Asheville-based architect and interior design team on-site. Additionally, this package dovetails nicely with our interior design services to assist with home furnishings and accessories and create a turn-key, move-in-ready home.

What’s involved?

The Premium Services Package offers full-service architectural design for your new custom mountain home. We guide you in carefully considering design options and material selections for the exterior of your home as well as the architectural interiors — including cabinetry, millwork, flooring, plumbing fixtures and appliances. In addition to the worry-free development of your new home design, knowing that every detail has been considered, the value of this comprehensive package centers on managing the construction budget.  When every component of the project has been considered during the design phase and drawn and specified in the construction documentation phase, the construction budget can be confirmed before the first shovel strikes the soil.

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Classic Services Package

Who is this package for?

The Classic Services Package is for clients who want a high-quality home design, but only want assistance with a few key rooms for architectural interior design. For some clients this means the kitchen and main living room, while others may prioritize the private living quarters like the master suite and bathrooms; that decision is completely up to you.

What’s involved?

With the Classic Services Package, the ACM Design team creates a custom home that addresses your needs and wishes. The main difference between this and the Premium Services Package is that the Classic Services Package focuses on the architectural interiors of the two rooms most important to you. The Classic Services Package can be upgraded to include additional rooms on an a la carte basis. If construction budget management is a priority for you, or you wish to have all of the details for all rooms in your house accounted for, we suggest you consider the Premium Services Package.


Core Services Package

Who is this package for?

The Core Services Package is for clients who are looking for a limited engagement with an architect to the design their custom home. This package is basic, but thorough, and will provide adequate direction for your builder to obtain a building permit with which to construct your mountain home.

What’s involved?

The ACM Design team will work with you to prepare an architectural design for a home that addresses your needs; the details of the interior of the home will be left to the homeowner or builder.  This package does not include architectural interiors, interior design, or outdoor living design but can be upgraded upon request.

Get Started with a Low Commitment Consultation

Low Committment Consultation with an Architect

For all home design projects, ACM Design Architecture and Interiors offers our Clarity Consultation ™ (CC) for New Homes. This low-commitment design consultation includes access to our proprietary online New Home Questionnaire, so clients can share their needs, goals and ideas for the home they want to design and build. The Clarity Consultation typically includes an on-site visit to assess existing conditions and parameters. ACM Design prepares a Scope Identifierthat establishes the project program — e.g. rooms, room sizes, and overall square footage, based upon client input and site topography — as well as projects reasonable construction budget ranges. This information is then used to create a Project Proposal that describes the project scope and fee structure based on the service package levels — e.g. Core, Classic, or Premium. Should you decide to move forward with us, a contract is then prepared with the project proposal attached as an exhibit to the contract.

The small investment for the Clarity Consultation pays design dividends, allowing you to understand the design intricacies and possibilities of your project up front. You can then confirm your desired balance between design and budget, prior to committing to the entire project. The results of the CC are yours to keep. Contact us today to discuss our low-commitment Clarity Consultation for New Homes.

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