Real Estate Purchase Consultations for Agents & Buyers

The ACM Team Can Help You Make an Informed Decision About Your Mountain Real Estate Purchase

At ACM Design, we have the expertise to evaluate the possibilities and challenges of different real estate properties and the creative vision to see beyond what exists to the potential that can be attained. Our team has the technical knowledge to balance design ideas with a realistic construction budget.

The architects of ACM Design are available to help you evaluate potential properties for purchase.  This includes review of buildable lots in the mountains and in new or existing communities.  We can help you to assess the pros and cons of properties with existing homes on them to determine which home would work better for you in a renovation scenario.   We can also help you evaluate if you should renovate your existing home or consider buying a new home or lot.  You select the two properties and we’ll compile a detailed, written analysis.

Our team of architects and designers are highly skilled at connecting with our clients to understand the hopes, wants, dreams, and needs they have for their home design.   We view the prospective properties through this lens to provide insightful recommendations for you.  Although a property evaluation is not a prerequisite for you to choose ACM Design as your architects and interior designers, it is the best way to start the process for developing a home design plan.  If you are struggling to find a direction on your property purchase, consider investing in a Property Consultation from ACM Design Architecture & Interiors to help you make an informed decision about your next home or property purchase.  As custom home design architects and interior designers we’re able to envision the possibilities inside the shell of any structure or on an empty lot.  By investing in a Property Consultation upfront, ACM Design can help you determine which property will be best suited to your needs.  Contact us today to discuss your project.

Considerations for Build-ability on a Mountain Side Lot

You’ve decide you want to live on top of a mountain, now what’s the best way to find the perfect property?  There are many important considerations to building in the mountains, including the basics of access and utilities to the fundamentals of building on a slope (drainage, foundations, etc.) to the feasibility of putting the desired home on the available land.  You must also consider how you will integrate outdoor living design for patios, decks, porches, and fire and water features, and sports courts.

Real Estate agents have a tremendous amount of experience with our local properties, but if you are considering building new on a mountain lot, enlist the expertise of an architect to help you evaluate the feasibility of the properties you are looking at.  In addition to our property evaluation services, we’ve compiled several downloadable brochures that share insights about designing and building homes in a mountain setting.

Portfolio of New Construction Homes & Renovations