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Real Estate Purchase Consultation Services

What are my Options for Purchasing Land on Which to Build New or Buying an Existing Home to Renovate?

Have you been searching for the property of your dreams? Would you like an architect to help you evaluate potential new home sites or properties you could renovate? Our team has the technical knowledge to reconcile your design ideas with your construction budget goals.

ACM Design offers consultation services for those looking to buy raw land to develop OR to buy property with existing structures to renovate or demolish and build new. As experienced architects, we can envision the possibilities of an existing structure or on a buildable lot in the Blue Ridge Mountain region.  Let us help you evaluate prospective properties and identify design options and potential challenges. By investing in real estate consultation services early in your process, ACM Design can help you determine which property will best suit your needs.  A property evaluation is not a prerequisite for you to work with ACM Design.  However, we do feel strongly that it is the best kick start to our approach to home design for developing an exquisite home design perfectly suited for you.  Proceed with your project with confidence and clarity by starting with one of our consultation services:


Site Consultation

Land available for sale in Western North Carolina can be in varying states of readiness for development.  This can span from an uncleared property without the basics of roads and utilities to lots available in established communities with infrastructure already in place. Site Consultations include a visit to the property to assess the existing conditions; evaluation of the property for development; and preparation of a detailed report of the findings and options.  If you are considering more than one property to purchase, we can compare properties to help you make the best decision for your needs.  Raw land property consultations can include review of land your are considering to purchase or which you have already purchased.

If you have already purchased the land you wish to develop, our Clarity Consultation™ (CC) is the perfect next step in the development of a design plan complete with realistic construction budget ranges.  The CC will establish the project program (e.g. rooms, room sizes, and overall square footage) based on your answers to our proprietary online New Home Questionnaire.  The CC can then be used to inform a detailed and thorough project proposal for our new home construction service.

If you wish to learn more about Site Consultations, please contact us to discuss.


Property Consultation

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect parcel for your dream home, but the existing structure dooesn’t meet your needs.  Are the homes I’m considering purchasing worth renovating?  The Property Consultation will help you evaluate if renovations and perhaps additions could accomplish your goals and optimize value for your project within the budget you’re considering. We will visit the property to assess the existing site information and building conditions.  We prepare design recommendations to address renovation needs for the family and the home with a written analysis.  A follow-up conversation to discuss options and finalize a project direction concludes the Property Consultation.  If you’re considering more than one home for purchase or you wish to know how your current home may compare, we can do that too.

If you have already purchased an existing home, the Opportunities Consultation™ (OC) is the perfect next step.  The Opportunities Consultation can help you understand the tailored needs of a renovation project and envision the scope of your project.  ACM Design provides home renovation design services and if you are considering renovating an historic home in the Asheville area, we offer historic home renovation design services.

If you wish to learn more about Property Consultations, please contact us to discuss.

Free Resources for Determining Buildability on a Mountainside Lot

So you’ve decided you want to live in the mountains, but how do you find the perfect property?  There are many crucial considerations that come with building a home in the mountains — from the basics of access and utilities to the fundamentals of building on a slope to the feasibility of building your dream home.

Real Estate agents have a tremendous amount of experience with our local market, but if you are considering building a new mountain home or dramatically renovating or adding to an existing home, enlist the expertise of an architect to help you evaluate prospective properties before you buy. In addition to our property evaluation services, we have compiled several downloadable brochures that share insights about designing and building homes in a mountain setting. Click here to set up a consultation.