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Interior Design Services

Thoughtfully Designed Interiors that Reflect Your Style

Our approach to interior design is to capture the essence of our clients and create inviting interiors with perennial style. Whether you are interested in transforming your existing home or adding our interior design services to one of our architectural design packages, the team at ACM Design has the expertise and knowledge of resources to select welcoming color palettes, compelling and practical lighting, comfortable furnishings, and inspired accessories that come together to create a cohesive, timeless design and a home you will love to live in.

Interior design is an opportunity for self-expression. With that in mind, we have created multiple packages for our clients, each with a different scope and level of service. Whether you are looking for us to design “Every Square Inch” of your home’s interior or you are simply looking for suggestions from industry experts who have an exhaustive knowledge of options in every category, we’re happy to assist. Please review our interior design services below to determine which would be the right fit for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Every Square Inch

Who is this package for?
The Every Square Inch Package offers our highest level of assistance, covering every room in your home down to the smallest detail. Much like our premium architectural design package, this comprehensive package centers on assisting clients with balancing design and budget decisions. Our extensive industry knowledge is at your disposal; we will source options for every item and element, provide estimates, and handle purchasing, delivery, and installation. This thorough approach also makes this package ideal for those who are looking to create a turn-key, move-in-ready home.

What’s involved?
From space planning to comprehensive kitchen and bath design to the selection of lighting, furniture, paint, accessories and soft goods, we work with you to create a cohesive plan for your entire home. We’ll create inspiration boards, present fabric, paint, and finish samples, and even provide artwork direction, should that be something you desire. Whether your style is modern craftsman or rustic industrial, we will ensure that the spaces in your home flow together and reflect your personal style. Should your aesthetic differ from that of your fellow homeowner, we are adept at blending different design tastes to create a cohesive overall feel that all parties will be excited about!

Interior Inspiration Consultation

Who is this package for?
For those seeking inspiration who are comfortable sourcing materials and executing our design plans themselves, our Interior Inspiration Consultation is an excellent option.

What’s involved?
One of our designers will visit your home or meet with you online via video conference to review your design goals and discuss a design strategy that will address your needs. This may include suggestions for paint or wallcoverings, lighting, placement of existing furniture and décor, etc. Interior Inspiration Consultations can be conducted on an individual room basis or for your entire home. These consultations are a great way to get to know us and what it’s like to work with us at a minimal cost as services are billed on an hourly basis.

Interior Design vs. Architectural Interiors — What’s the Difference?

Interior spaces are critically important in the design of a home. At ACM Design, we thoughtfully and intentionally integrate the design of exterior and interior architecture to create a harmonious and complete home design that is attuned to the needs and sensibilities of the family who will live there. You may be wondering, what is the difference between architectural interiors and interior design?

Architectural interiors include interior elements that are attached to the structure like cabinetry and millwork, tile and wood selections, plumbing fixtures, and interior trim.

Interior design covers furniture selections, soft goods like bedding and throw pillows, window treatments, accessories, artwork, and other moveable elements. To put it simply, architectural interior elements can be changed, but it’s generally more complicated than moving a sofa.

Lighting is one element that can fall into either category, depending upon the type of lighting. Recessed lighting and task lighting is typically included with architectural interiors, while selection of decorative lighting is often included as a part of the interior design services.

Portfolio of Homes With Interior Design Services