Asheville Renovation
Guest cottage renovation in Asheville, NC
Builtin wooden bench, rough hewn
Fitting a kitchen into a guest house
Custom cabinet built around a windwo
Guest house renovation with rustic kitchen

Rustic Modern Carriage House

Nestled into a quiet wooded neighborhood, the primary residence on this property had been meticulously transformed from a 1960’s split level into a quaint Arts and Crafts treasure.  However, the garage apartment was desperately lacking character on the interior.  The new owners commissioned ACM Design to transform the space from a cramped home office into a luxurious guest retreat abound with natural light, rich wood textures, and crisp modern appointments.  Upon entering this rustic traditional Craftsman carriage house, guests are treated to a refreshing mix of rustic and modern touches including reclaimed barn wood, crisp painted shiplap and reclaimed oak timbers.



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