Home Renovations & Remodeling

Remodel and Renovate Your Existing Home Into the Dream Home You’ve Always Wanted

We combine creativity, expertise, and experience to create a brand new vision for your existing home through home renovation and remodeling.

Whether you are accommodating a growing family, addressing physical needs, or simply sprucing up, the professionals at ACM Design can help you improve the way your current home looks, feels, and works by imagining what could be instead of being confined to what exists.  From the overall concept to the smallest detail, our professionals will guide you with creative design and cost effective construction options to make the most of your home renovations.

Low Committment Consultation with an Architect for Home RenovationTypically, an Architect or Design Studio will do a brief call with the client followed possibly by a limited client meet and greet at the firm’s offices before asking you to sign on the dotted line and start the project. ACM Design Architecture and Interiors offers a Clarity Consultation ™ (CC). The CC includes a proprietary questionnaire for clients to complete and an on-site visit to assess real-life conditions for renovations and remodeling. By making a small investment in the CC, it allows you to understand the design intricacies and possibilities of your home renovation project and to confirm the right balance between design and budget, prior to committing to the entire project.  You see and keep the results of the CC and can apply the insights no matter what firm you choose to complete the work.  Contact us to discuss our low-commitment, Clarity Consultation.

How Do I Get Started On A Home Renovation Project?



As part of ACM Design’s Clarity Consultation ™ (CC), clients complete our Residential Architecture Questionnaire for Renovations & Remodels.  This questionnaire has been created by our team and reflects the learnings we’ve had over the years for how to get to the core of the needs, wants, and dreams you have for your home renovation project and to truly understand how to make your house your dream home.  After the client completes the questionnaire, ACM Design carefully reviews the answers to begin to formulate a design plan prior to the site visit.


Site Visit

The next step of the Clarity Consultation is for one of our talented team members to visit the client’s property to evaluate the existing home and the interiors, as well as the site conditions, including grade, slopes, sight lines, vistas, and sun orientation.  Taking the information from the site visit and combining it with the insights gained from the questionnaire, ACM Design is now able to compile a detailed design approach for your renovation & remodel based on the real-life possibilities.



ACM Design will prepare the LCC report for the client with the documented design approach and also create a proposal with scope of work for the client to review.  At this point in getting started with renovations & remodels, ACM Design and the client will discuss the pros and cons of the approach and the high-level design plan ideas so that it is very clear what the project will include.



Once the client approves the design approach and the scope of work in the proposal, including the budget, the client signs the contract.  Now that the contract has been signed, the project will then be scheduled and prepared to start the first step in ACM Design’s proven and successful process for developing the design of a custom mountain home.

Supplementary Design Services

To perfectly compliment your home renovation project, ACM Design also offers interior design and outdoor living design. Our team of design professionals aim to make the interiors and outdoor spaces work with your home to amplify your new renovation.  Our interior design and outdoor living design services are a great way to revamp your current home with several tiers of service available.

Portfolio of Renovated Mountain Homes