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Home Renovations & Additions

Renovate Your Existing Home to Create the Dream Home You’ve Always Wanted

We call on our creativity, expertise, and experience to create a brand new vision for your existing home through home renovation and addition projects.

Whether you are accommodating a growing family, addressing physical needs, or simply updating your abode, the professionals at ACM Design can help you improve the way your current home looks, feels, and works by imagining what could be instead of being limited to what exists. From the overall concept to the smallest detail, our professionals will guide you, offering creative design solutions and cost effective construction options to make the most of your home renovations.

Low Committment Consultation with an Architect for Home Renovation

Typically, an architect or design studio will do a brief call with the client possibly followed by a limited client meet-and-greet at the firm’s offices before asking for your commitment. At ACM Design, we understand and appreciate that your home design project requires an investment of time, budget, and energy, which is why we developed our Clarity Consultation ™ (CC) for Renovations with your best interest in mind. The CC includes access to our proprietary online Renovation/Addition Questionnaire so clients can share their needs, goals and ideas for the home they want to renovate, as well as an on-site visit to assess existing conditions of the home to be modified. By making a comparatively small investment in the CC, you gain an understanding of the design intricacies and possibilities of your home renovation project and the ability to confirm the right balance between design and budget, prior to committing to the entire project. The results of the CC are yours to keep. Contact us to discuss our low-commitment Clarity Consultation for Renovations and Additions.

How Do I Get Started On A Home Renovation Project?



As part of ACM Design’s Clarity Consultation ™ (CC), clients complete our Residential Architecture Questionnaire for Renovations and Additions. Created in-house by our talented team of architects and design professionals, this questionnaire features questions derived from years of experience discovering the core needs, wants, and dreams throughout the process of designing their dream homes. Upon your completion of the questionnaire, ACM Design carefully reviews your answers and begins to formulate design considerations prior to the site visit.


Site Visit

The next step of the Clarity Consultation is for our principal architect, Amy Conner-Murphy to visit your property to evaluate your existing home and its interior spaces, as well as the site conditions, including street proximity, access, parking, grade, sight lines, vistas, and sun orientation. Taking the information from the site visit and combining it with the insights gained from your questionnaire, the ACM Design team compiles a detailed design approach for your home renovation project based on the real-life conditions and possibilities for change.



ACM Design will prepare a comprehensive proposal for your review, including outlining our findings and recommendations and drafting a detailed scope of work.



Once you approve the proposal, including the scope of work, budget, design approach and fee structure, we send the contract with the original proposal attached as an exhibit to the contract. Once the contract has been signed, the project can be scheduled and we can begin ACM Design’s proven and successful process for developing the design of a custom mountain home.

Supplementary Design Services

In addition to our architectural services, ACM Design also offers interior design and outdoor living design services which seamlessly complement your home renovation. If you are looking to take your project to the next level, the unique synergy that can be achieved when you combine these services is a sure way to do it. As with all of our categories of service, interior design and outdoor living design consultations are available. Please visit the respective pages or click here for more information.

Portfolio of Renovated Mountain Homes