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The FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing a Mountain Home and Working with ACM Design

When considering a residential design project — whether that be designing and building a new home, renovating an existing home, or simply updating rooms — questions are bound to come up. Below please find a selection of our most frequently asked questions along with the answers that have helped countless clients feel confident in their decision to work with ACM Design. We encourage our clients to ask questions, not only about their project but also about ACM Design. We hope this list of FAQs answers your questions, but please feel free to contact us if there’s any additional information we can provide.

What type of services does ACM Design provide?

At ACM Design, we are a full service architectural and interior design firm focused on providing an exceptional client experience. We believe that offering integrated design services — including architectural design, architectural interiors, interior design, and outdoor living design — is the best way to design a luxury mountain home where every element, from garden to hearth, has been tailored to you.

We offer several ways to engage with our company and have tiers of services to suite your needs, budget, and the goals of your project.

What should I expect from ACM Design?

Expect working with ACM Design to be engaging, fulfilling, and fun. We are professional, trustworthy, and easy to work with. We believe in honesty and being forthright with our clients. Think of us as your knowledgeable partner in design. We consider it our responsibility, as well as our honor, to serve as your advocate throughout your project to ensure that you get what you want for and from your home. We are client-focused and client-driven; our process and approach are all about creativity, collaboration, and creating a timeless, functional design that works for you.

Just a few highlights of what you can expect us to do:

  • Listen well and involve you in the creative process.
  • Focus on your priorities and needs, not our own directives.
  • Ask questions that reveal your underlying wants and needs that you might not think of otherwise.
  • Find creative ways to negotiate design solutions when the members of your group may have conflicting ideas.
  • Balance design ideas with budget parameters.
  • Prepare thorough and accurate construction documents.
  • Establish a supportive and cohesive team for your project by working collaboratively with you, your builder, and other design professionals.

Let’s talk more about your needs and designing a home to your specifications.

How are fees determined?

Our fees are based upon the scope of work and the level of service that is requested by the client. Typically, fees are quoted as follows:

For new construction projects, Design and Construction Documents are quoted as a fixed fee. This fee is based upon a percentage of an initial, realistic construction budget (see Process Q/A below). Each phase of work is assigned a specific portion of the total fee.

For renovation projects, Design and Construction Documents are billed at an hourly rate. Our proposal will include an estimate of hours for a defined scope of work.

Construction phase services are billed at an hourly rate.

Architectural design consulting services are billed at an hourly rate.

Interior Design consulting services are billed at an hourly rate based upon the scope of work.

What is the process for establishing a scope of work and associated fees?

First, let’s talk. Since each project is different and each client is different, having a direct dialogue helps us to best understand your needs and to start to formulate an approach for your custom design. No two of our designs are exactly alike; each set of plans is personal to that particular client. That being said, we can’t create a truly custom design without speaking to you, so give us a call!

When you contact ACM Design, we’ll:

  • have an initial phone call.
  • discuss your priorities and needs.
  • review our service level packages and options for your project.

We have also developed a specialized consultation services aimed at establishing realistic expectations for design and budget — for both you and for us — before even starting a project. These services will help you evaluate your goals and find the direction you wish to take. This process is meant to show you that we are looking after your best interests, even before asking you to commit to our team for your project.

We offer the consultation services are available for:

If you are interested in consultation opportunities for one of our other services, please do not hesitate to reach out. We understand the investment our clients make, in terms of both time and budget, and believe that it benefits both parties to ensure that a potential partnering would be a good fit.

Once we have committed to work with ACM Design, what are the next steps?

We have developed a proprietary and proven method for custom home design.  An overview of the process we use for every project is outlined on the Our Approach page.

What is the value of working with the ACM Design team?

Perhaps the most important value lies in the design team’s ability to create a well-functioning home rich with character and style that stands the test of time. Ultimately, the value of your property is enhanced by quality architectural design that is appropriate for your needs, high functionality, and careful detailing provided by ACM Design.

Our clients often say that the key to their successful project was having a qualified team with a strong leader to be their guide throughout the entire design and construction process. Careful planning makes the difference between a good experience and a great experience.

The deliverables we provide to you and to your builder are also second to none, rich with detailed information and specifications. Our 3D modeling (BIM) software provides an incredible tool that can be made available to you and your builder for an extra layer of detail and analysis.  We believe that by providing thorough construction documents with a complete set of plans and specifications, the builder can provide a cost estimate based upon known expectations. When a homeowner has taken the time to carefully plan during the design phase and their builder knows this at the start, costly delays and change orders during construction are greatly minimized.

We encourage our clients to ask questions, not only about their project but also about ACM Design.  We hope this list of FAQs answers your questions, but let us know if there’s anything else we can answer for you.   Feel free to contact us.