The Lumiere House

Construction on this French Contemporary home in Asheville, NC has just been completed.  The home represents a blending of old world glamour and contemporary style. Large expanses of glass provide an interesting counterpoint to the massive stone exterior walls. The interior rooms flow together seamlessly, creating a perfect setting for entertaining friends or for quiet evenings at home. Modern outdoor living spaces unfold into the wooded landscape beyond to create an amazing continuity of space.  Final photos of the home will be coming in mid-2020.

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We are baby boomers (1 couple and 1 single friend) who have decided to live together so we can all age in place. We needed 2 master bedrooms, and plenty of public space so we can all live comfortably and happily together. After interviewing a few architects to build our new home, we chose Amy for several reasons. Despite the fact that it took 2 years to relocate, retire and find an appropriate building lot, Amy never lost touch with me to see where we were with our relocation. When assessing what kind of home we wanted, we filled out a 14 page (YES! 14) questionnaire encompassing style to function, and everything in between. It forced us to think about how we were living, how we wanted to live, how our lives would be changing since we no longer work (Goodbye work wardrobes, hello mountain casual!). While it seemed a daunting exercise, it saved us time & money in the design phase. From there, ACM worked closely with us on a number of ideas for our home, always taking into account what WE wanted, and refining our ideas. Because the firm also does interiors, it’s a one-stop shopping experience, too. Our furniture is being incorporated, repurposed, & reupholstered to go with the new house. There is no aspect of the interior that Amy & her talented team aren’t attending to, with our blessing. Her taste level is exquisite, and again, she presents ideas to us based on what we currently own, how we live, and what we’ve indicated to her that we’re interested in, along with anticipating possible future needs (like an elevator). She guided, she nudged, she revisited the plan until it became as perfect as it could be. The outcome will be a beautifully designed and appointed home that is distinctly ours. ACM is also there to interface between the home owner and builder. On-site meetings are held regularly with the builder to monitor progress and quality, and to answer any questions that may arise on the job-site. She’s a superb go-between for the homeowner and builder. Much time is taken to explain and interpret building techniques & phrases with which lay people are unfamiliar. Never do we feel like we’ve been left blowing in the wind, and we always feel like we’re getting a solid house that’s better than we ever imagined. We could never, EVER have embarked on this project without ACM Design.


–The Homeowners



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