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Trust your design style and don't give in to FOMO or YOLO!

Designing for Your Own Likes without FOMO

Some may say that we live in a culture-of-the-moment. There are so many home design shows, influencers, book and magazine publishers, and the normal banter at gatherings with friends where it may seem that we are always chasing new trends, and being bombarded with what’s in and what’s out. It can be confusing. And worse, it can...

Amy Conner-Murphy, AIA Architect reflects on the changes new residents bring to Asheville, NC

Earnest Reflection, Exceptional Results

Reflection has been critical to my personal and professional development, so it may not surprise you to find that I encourage this kind of thinking with my clients. It is wondrous how quickly something abstract or seemingly unusual or perhaps something you've never considered before can feel so poignant when we take a moment to look inside ourselves. Throughout...

Live where you want and work remote is a trend that is here to stay

Live Where You Want and Work Remote is a Trend that is Here to Stay

I was recently reminded of a conversation I had with a friend who began working in the late 1960’s. He said the talk at that time was of a shift to 30 hour work weeks in work environments other than office buildings. Here we are 40+ years and a global pandemic later witnessing these ideas emerge as the new reality,...

2017 Home Design Predictions

Home Design Predictions - Trendy or Timeless? What home design trends are in store for 2017?  While predictions may not always come to fruition for every home design trend, there are a few ideas that may generate a lot of buzz in the coming year. At ACM Design, we work with you to design your home to reflect your own style, yet rendered in a...

2016 – What’s Trending in Home Design

A new year brings new trends in home design all while incorporating and enhancing a few trends from the past (and discarding others). In 2016, ​a variety of trends ​will ​tak​e​ center stage in home design. Mixing Materials [caption id="attachment_7049" align="alignright" width="400"] Artisan Style Floating Vanity With Exotic Stone in the Modern Rustic Mountain Estate Home[/caption] ​Like ​in ​2015, ​we will continue to...

Living Room Design

2015 Trends in Interior Design & Architecture

Each year, new design trends emerge which we implement throughout the coming year in our homes. As our lifestyles evolve and change, so do our design choices in both architecture and interior design, and this year is no different. While there are a few design trends which remain from 2014, there are a few new directions that are exciting for...

Are you Planning to
Design and Build a Mountain Home?

If you’ve ever driven the Blue Ridge Parkway and dreamt of living in the Smoky Mountains or the Southern Appalachians, we’ve compiled a series of complimentary guides rich with information about designing a mountain home. Informed by our decades of experience as mountain home architects, we share expert advice about topics like building on steep slopes, terrain-specific building costs, and materials suited for withstanding the mountain weather. Our passion for creating personalized and heartfelt homes is apparent in all of our work and it is our pleasure to share our expertise with you in these free and informative guides.