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Maintain Your Home’s Value This Spring

Spring 2011 has finally arrived with warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers, and greener foliage. As you awaken from winter, ready to renew your spirits, don’t overlook your home. Renew your dwelling and maintain it’s value at the same time. Take “Spring Cleaning” up a notch this year with these tips:

Exterior Maintenance: Look at your home’s exterior. Power-wash decks and siding, and make necessary repairs to paint and stain. Clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent moisture buildup. Check roof for repairs that are needed.

Windows & Doors: Find any cracks or open areas and seal with caulk to prevent intrusion of the elements.

Lawn & Yard: Rake leaves, trim trees and get rid of unwanted vines or plants that are too close to the exterior of your home. Take a moment to check for holes/openings that pests can enter your home through.

Inside Check: Examine your plumbing, appliances, and AC unit for leaks, clogs, cracks, corrosion and buildup. Start changing your air filter monthly to improve performance. Give your carpet a thorough cleaning and check grout in tiles for cracks to repair before a bigger problem occurs.

Organize & Purge: Get your interior organized and purge those unwanted items. Start fresh this year with a fresh interior.

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