Hourly Consultation Services

Our consultation services are perfect for clients who need hourly support services.

Have you ever had difficulty deciding between properties, whether it’s finding the best lot on which to build a new home or deciding between two existing houses that may need modification to meet your specific needs? Let the pros at ACM Design help you by reviewing and evaluating the design possibilities for the property prior to purchase, so that you can make the best decision for your needs and your budget.

Design Consultations

Have you ever looked around your home and wanted to make a few changes or spruce up a bit? Perhaps the kitchen layout doesn’t really work for you since you took that cooking class. Maybe you long for more outdoor living space.

Give the professionals at ACM Design a call to help you turn your design challenges into design solutions. Our creative architects and designers are trained to think outside the box on design and inside the box on cost to help you make the most of your home improvements and your budget.

Property Consultations for Buying Your Next Property

Helping you make an informed decision for your next real estate purchase.

  • Having trouble deciding on which lot to purchase so that you can build the home of your dreams?
  • Perhaps you have two existing homes that you like, but can’t decide which one has the most potential?

At ACM Design, we have the expertise to evaluate the possibilities and challenges and the creative skill to see what can be, rather than what exists. We also have the technical knowledge to balance design ideas with a realistic construction budgets. So if you are struggling to find a direction on your property purchase, consider investing in a Property Consultation to make an informed decision about your next home project.