Custom Home Design Architecture

At ACM Design, we believe a house is more than bricks and mortar. It’s the place where our spirits are replenished, our enthusiasm is renewed, and relationships with family and friends are celebrated.

Experiencing your home from conception to completion is what designing a custom home is all about, but the breadth of decisions that must be made can be overwhelming. By carefully guiding you through the process of thoughtful planning during the design phase and assisting you in selecting quality materials and systems for the construction, our seasoned professionals bring value to the project. Our collaboration can make a difference in your overall experience.

Our Service Level Packages

Because every family is different, our team of qualified architects and designers will work with you collaboratively to create a design for your custom home with your specific needs and wishes in mind. In the end, shouldn’t your home embrace the way you live? We think so.

Premium Services Package

This selection offers full-service Architectural Interior Design help and provides a significant benefit to our clients who want a high level of assistance and service. The value of this comprehensive package centers on decisions being made during the design phase, allowing you maximum control over keeping to your budget. We guide you in carefully considering design options and materials selections for architecture, interiors and outdoor living spaces during the design process. This way the budget can be confirmed before the first shovel strikes the soil.

Classic Services Package

This is our comprehensive approach for design of the home Architecture, but with a more targeted approach for Architectural Interiors. Our guidance and attention to detail focuses on the two most important rooms to you with regard to Architectural Interiors. The Classic Services package can be upgraded to include additional rooms.

Core Services Package

This package supplies the basic level of service necessary to offer a builder direction for the construction of your home. This package does not include Architectural Interiors, but can be upgraded to include interiors’ assistance on a room by room basis.