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Consider a Pet Friendly Home Remodel

Dogs and cats are cherished family members to an estimated six out of ten households in America.  Often home owners are considering features to accommodate animal friends with enhanced creature comforts in designs for both new homes and renovations.  ACM Design Architects is known for our luxurious and comfortable Western North Carolina home designs, many of which include pet-friendly ideas.

Here are some possibilities for incorporating creature features into your new home or renovation design:

Feeding Stations

Even if your cat or dog laps up every last morsel, feeding areas can get messy.  It may also be difficult to find a location in your existing home that can weather the frequent cleanup of a pet’s eating area.  So many homeowners are thinking ahead and having feeding stations incorporated into kitchens or mud rooms.  Some even have water lines installed for easy water bowl refills.

Washing Stations

Big dogs are a joy to be around, but they can track in a lot of dirt and allergens if not bathed as often as needed.  Incorporating a low-level (no lifting required) dog shower into your mud room or garage can help reduce the strain of heavy lifting and offers easy clean-up.

Bathroom Stations

For those who adore their indoor cats, but can’t live with the look of a bulky litter box, cabinets can be designed or modified to include small openings that can cleverly hide the box from everyone but the cat.

Pet Doors

Pet doors have been around for years, but these days there are more options than ever to allow access in walls, doors, and even screen doors.

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