Kitchen Design for 2013

Kitchens and bathrooms have taken center stage in home design due to their attractive return on investment and overall appeal. There is a heightened focus on kitchen design because kitchens are ultimately becoming the hub of the home, where people cook, gather, entertain, watch television, and even work. Whether you are renovating an existing space or building a new custom home, taking time to plan the layout, design, and aesthetics of your kitchen will help define your space while meeting the demands of your family structure.

The growing popularity of active kitchens led designers and homeowners alike to integrate some of the latest design trends within the kitchen space. Some of the most popular trends in kitchen design are:

  • Living Triangle: Consisting of the living, dining, and kitchen space, the living triangle merges three of the commonly used rooms into one cohesive space. The result is an open concept plan to encourage interaction between the rooms and includes a lot of flex space.

  • Walk-in Pantries: Walk-in pantries enable homeowners to remove a lot of food and clutter that accumulates in the kitchen area. They prove more cost efficient when compared to the large amount of cabinetry that would be required to store the same amount of food.

  • Open Concept: Because of the living triangle, walls are no longer separating the kitchen, living, and dining areas. Instead islands are acting as the defining element between the spaces. Islands are the anchor within the kitchen; people are naturally drawn to gather and interact around them. They provide an eating surface, storage solution, and a work center, proving their need goes beyond the island’s original intentions.

  • Command Centers: The inclusion of an IT or command center creates what could be considered an internet cafe within the home. This space accommodates all of the latest technology including a docking station, laptop space and outlets for chargers and wifi. Whether it’s a small nook or a mini office space, the IT center of the home is quickly becoming a standard element in the kitchen.

The way people live continues to drive changes in kitchen design and each year new products are introduced to complement these advances. It’s this innovative kitchen design that creates spaces that work to address how people dine, live, and entertain today. To create a kitchen design centered around you, contact ACM Design at 828-684-9884 to find out about our architectural design services as well as interior design and renovation services.

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