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Appliance Trends You Should Know About

Fridge and Freezer DrawersSeveral factors go into the appliance buying process, of these, the top concerns include energy efficiency, performance, style and price.  Working closely with your talented home design firm can help ensure that your new appliances fit perfectly with your new home and meet all of your requirements.

Here are some of the top advantages to look for in today’s kitchen appliance selection:


It’s no surprise that appliances today are the more energy efficient than ever, but did you know that their efficiency is so high that a new refrigerator can use up less energy than a light bulb?  This means that not only are greener appliances getting cheaper as the demand for them increases, but they will also save you more money over time than ever.


Home owners are more excited about high performance cookware than ever.  These days cooking like a gourmet is popular idea to strive for, but did you know that newer appliances can aid you in doing so?  Professional-grade appliances are more powerful and have built-in smart features to help make cooking like a pro a much easier task.  Refrigerator drawers can be set to rapidly cool a new bottle of wine for the evening or Speedcook ovens can actually cook meals in far less time than usual.


Stainless and black kitchen appliances are here to stay, though stylish colors and finishes are also beginning to appear.  Shape has also undergone great evolution with items like dishwasher and freezer drawers seamlessly fitting under sleek countertops with little intrusion.

Your home design firm can help you to determine which appliances fit your particular needs, budget and kitchen style.  But expect to get more bang for your appliance bucks than ever.

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