Retiring in Asheville

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What makes Asheville and Western North Carolina so appealing to retirees?

Asheville, as well as other Western North Carolina towns, ha​s constantly topped the “Best of” lists, including ​one of the best places to retire. Our area is ideal for retirees, providing a great atmosphere and community​, as well as​ offering favorable year-round weather, good air quality, low crime rates, easy accessibility to doctors and hospitals, ​good airport, ​opportunities for volunteering and much more. Additionally, for those looking for active retirement, our mountains provide a great escape for a variety of outdoor and recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, ​and ​golf.

Selecting the right location for your retirement is just one of the many steps to ensuring a long lasting future in your own home. Many existing homes do not reflect aging in place design elements which are important if you want your home to meet both your current and future needs.

What does aging in place mean?

How can you build or renovate your home to meet your needs now​,​ while anticipating ​your ​future needs? ​ When planning their forever home, clients often ask questions about aging in place ​of the professionals at ACM Design​. Here are a few answers:

Aging in place design incorporates building or renovating your home with the future in mind.

This means your home design must take into account the possibility of wider hallways, lower cabinetry and even an elevator​, in the ​event that ​wheelchair or walker ​accessibility ​becomes necessary.​ Implementing structure support for grab bars and railings, utilizing lever handle hardware and faucets, and minimizing the number of steps and thresholds are ​important design features that ​address aging in place.

​Don’t forget about the exterior of your home and even your appliances and home systems. Selecting low maintenance exterior materials and native vegetation will keep your ​outside ​work at a minim​um. Choosing appliances and home system units (such as ​programmable thermostat​s​) that are easy to read and operate are also important ​features to consider as we age. For a complete checklist of recommended aging in place renovations, see the National Association of Home Builders Remodeling Checklist.

As with​ any home design feature, planning is ​the ​key to saving money while creating a home that will evolve with your changing needs.  How can you plan for your forever home?

What goes into custom home design for a stress free retirement?

At ACM Design, we are ​experienced in designing homes for our clients that incorporate ​a variety of necessary aging in place elements that​ make their li​fe as stress free as possible. Your home should be a place that relaxes ​and renews. We believe ​that home design begins with getting to know you​! While merging your desires and needs with our professional expertise, the end result ​will be a home that ​reflects of your lifestyle​ in a true work of art inspired by you. Learn more about the features of a home built for aging in place, especially kitchen and bathroom features.  

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