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Lighting Tips

Selecting the Right Lighting for Your Home

[caption id="attachment_7722" align="alignright" width="1800"] Lumiere House Living Room[/caption] Lighting is an essential ingredient in making the rooms of a home feel warm and inviting. At ACM Design, we incorporate lighting in many ways to create a sense of place. Lighting highlights architectural details to define the character of a home. Lighting placement can define a conversation area or be a practical...

Lighting 101

When venturing out to your local hardware store or retailer in search for lighting, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the different types of light bulbs available for your home. From the traditional incandescent light bulbs to the newer LED options, there are a lot of choices when it comes to lighting your home. Light bulb packaging advertises a lot...

Lighting Design: Highlighting Interior Design

Never before has lighting design been as versatile and decorative as today. With so many options available for the home, decorating with light can make the difference between an overly bright room and a work of art. [caption id="attachment_6796" align="aligncenter" width="1800"] Lighting design makes the room in this kitchen remodel in the Weaverville Farmhouse Renovation[/caption]   Before beginning any design project, consult with...

Are you Planning to
Design and Build a Mountain Home?

If you’ve ever driven the Blue Ridge Parkway and dreamt of living in the Smoky Mountains or the Southern Appalachians, we’ve compiled a series of complimentary guides rich with information about designing a mountain home. Informed by our decades of experience as mountain home architects, we share expert advice about topics like building on steep slopes, terrain-specific building costs, and materials suited for withstanding the mountain weather. Our passion for creating personalized and heartfelt homes is apparent in all of our work and it is our pleasure to share our expertise with you in these free and informative guides.