Black Mountain Lodge

2011 Home Trends

With 2011 well already underway, we wanted to highlight some of the housing trends we’re sure to see this year….

Front Porch Deck with Long Range Mountain Views at the Black Mountain Family Lodge

Front Porch Deck with Long Range Mountain Views at the Black Mountain Family Lodge


Green is Here to Stay:

Countless articles and press have focused on the green trends that surround us, and we think it’s safe to say that green is here to stay. As green becomes the new standard in home design and interiors, ecofriendly product choices and construction processes will dominate the industry.

Custom, Custom, Custom:

The many years of adorning your home with “ready made” rooms from magazine pages and catalogs are disappearing, and we’re ready for 2011 to bring custom creations to the forefront of design. With cookie-cutter products out the window, handcrafted accents, custom cabinetry, one-of-a-kind furnishings and other unique products are taking our homes up a notch on the “personal” scale.

Bring the Outside In:

We all love fresh air and natural light. This love is creating a push towards opening our homes to the outdoors. With skylights, more windows, expansive doors that open to the outdoors, and outdoor living spaces on the rise, 2011 will bring about a great change in how we alter our homes to incorporate the outside.

Homes Built Around Our Lifestyles

Housing trends show that more and more homeowners are scaling down the space in which they live. They are looking for smaller, more compact designs that place a greater emphasis of how we live. Kitchen and bedroom design are getting special attention as we craft these areas to optimize functionality and comfort.

Paint and Color

Take bold color off the walls and apply it to your accents. Rather than masking walls with bright colors, we are toning down the shades into a more traditional palette. Timeless hues are creating the perfect backdrop for vivid colors and patterns to appear in our accessories. Our ceilings are also getting a mild makeover as we are embellishing those with color also.

Large Family Room Open to Kitchen in the Black Mountain Family Lodge

Large Family Room Open to Kitchen in the Black Mountain Family Lodge


Enhancing the Interiors

Dress up your rooms with architectural accents such as crown moldings and columns and make your space appealing and comfortable with furnishings that reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit either; pairing old heirlooms with modern accents will create a charming space that’s a great conversation piece.

Quite simply, 2011 is all about personalizing your space while staying ecofriendly. You are the focus of your home and 2011 is the time to showcase your personality through the character of your home.

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