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Asheville Habitat for Humanity

Asheville Habitat for Humanity: Women Build House

Each year, the Asheville chapter of Habitat for Humanity participates in the national Women Build program, a program designed with a collaborative mission, “to empower women to take action against substandard housing conditions”. Women from all over Asheville and Western North Carolina come together throughout March and June in a cooperative and supportive environment with one goal, to build a home. While this year’s house is the Asheville area’s seventh Women Build House, it will add to the over 1,900 homes that have been built through the program nationwide. The 2012 house will soon become home to Rhonda Chapman and her children, a deserving family who looks forward to reaching their long term goal of home ownership.

Principal Architect and Founder of ACM Design, Amy Conner-Murphy continues her support of the Asheville community and volunteer efforts by contributing to this year’s Women Build House on March 23, 2012. Honored with the opportunity to give back, Amy Conner-Murphy reflects on her rainy day of constructing, “All of the volunteers came ready to work despite the weather, which was a clear sign of our commitment to Habitat for Humanity and working together as women to make a difference in the life of one family.”

Here’s Amy taking part in the Women Build House:

For more information on the Asheville Habitat for Humanity and Woman Build program view their website here:
Women Build Program
Asheville Habitat for Humanity

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