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What Makes ACM Design Unique?

Getting to know Asheville Architect, Amy Conner-Murphy, of ACM Design

Behind every home that is built​, you will find a design. ​Behind every home design, you will likely find a design professional ​that ​has envisioned the home and drafted it ​into existence through drawings. At their most basic level, these drawings will include ​floor​ ​plans showing how the rooms work together, and ​exterior elevations showing how the home will look on the outside. At a minimum, the house design ​must ​meet industry standards​ for design and construction, but to create a real home, the design must also reflect the ​needs, wishes​, and lifestyle of the ​person or family who will live in that home. ​ ​
In ​a ​custom home​​, the ​design​ should be unique​, ​display​ing​ various ​special ​design elements​ for that home that relate specifically to the homeowner. However​,​ you may notice designs by certain architects ​often ​feature design ​details​ that are repeated in multiple homes​.​ ​

Over time, design professionals build a portfolio of work that represents their passion​, as well as their talent​. ​ ​Their style ​often ​becomes recognizable through these architectural details that appear as “signatures” ​​of their design​s​.​ Some clients seek out a specific architect ​to work with because the architect’s particular design style resonates with the client.

There are certain architectural styles that appeal to my sense of home more than others, but I rarely limit that conversation by committing to a specific style. The reality is that the home I design for any client should be about the architectural style that speaks to them, not to me. For me, the greatest compliment I can be given is if the house I have designed looks and feels like home to the client, regardless of the style.” —Amy Conner-Murphy

For Amy Conner-Murphy of ACM Design, her ​personal ​design ​style has evolved over t​ime​, incorporating favorite details of various architectural styles. Clients often ask her, “Do you have a specific architectural style that you prefer or that you tend towards in designing for others?” Conner-Murphy responds,

Keeping her design philosophy rooted in creating a sense of place by crafting the design of the home to the land and to needs of the clien​t ​often allows ​​the style ​to reveal itself.

Recurring ​”signature” ​elements in many ACM Design homes are ​found in the details​, rather than an overall exterior style​. ​ ​Interior spaces exude warmth​ and appropriate scale by careful crafting of interior proportion and clean lines​. Exteriors generally feature long-lasting materials such as stone, stucco, brick and shake siding for low maintenance and a timeless appeal. Simple rooflines​ adorned with dormers or radius details and eyebrow windows to add interest​, ​speak to an overall sense of place that resonates with clients because it gives a quiet sense of elegance and romanticism.

The goal of every design professional, whether an architect, interior designer or even landscape designer, is to create an end product the client is happy with and proud of. Design professionals often ​develop a unique, identifying style that sets them apart from other designers. ​ ​At ACM Design, ​we find that ​our clients seek to marry ​their own personal tastes and lifestyle​ with the guidance of our design team. Our difference is in the details. If you are ​considering a residential project or renovation, please contact us at 828-684-9884 or email us at​ ​​ for more information.​

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