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Green Home Design From the Ground Up

Green Home Design

Green Home Design

While greening your home remodel is highly recommended, having your new home designed from the start with green in mind may prove more affordable and effective.  Newer homes can even be easily retrofitted to accommodate popular green design elements like recycled glass tiles and bamboo flooring.

Here are some of the ways in which your custom home architect can incorporate green living into your new home from the ground up:


The orientation of a home on its lot can have a huge impact on the home’s energy efficiency.  Especially with Western North Carolina’s hilly landscapes, positioning the home offer sun in the winter and shade in the summer can reduce energy costs exponentially.


There are many ways to manipulate a home’s temperature via good foundational planning.  Some of the options include the incorporation of geothermal wells, insulated concrete and framed basement walls.

Windows and Doors

Proper placement of doors and windows can prevent overheating in the summer and too much heat loss in the winter.  Your custom home architect will know just how to expertly locate doors and windows into your new home to avoid winter heat losses of up to 25%.

Layout and Design

Working with a custom home architect who is experienced in building HealthyBuilt Homes in Western North Carolina can ensure your home’s layout and design also contribute to its energy efficiency.

ACM Design Architects have years of experience expertly incorporating green appliances, materials and features into homes in the Asheville area.  If you’re thinking about building a greener home, be sure to consult your home architect.

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