Home Design Trends for Millennials

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Millennials, classified as those born between the early 1980’s and early 2000’s, are ​populating a growing consumer group of nearly 80 million. As more and more millennials ​join the ranks of home ownership ​each year, they are​ changing the landscape when it comes to “must haves” in home design and ​planning. ​ ​As ​our industry strive​s​ to meet the ​wants and ​needs of this group​, architects, interior designers and builders​ are discovering ​many valuable insights when it comes to the preferences of this generation.

  • Millennials ​Contend that Smaller is Better​:​ Unlike the previous generation, more square footage is not always better. ​Millennials do not want to stretch their finances so far that they feel strapped​ or trapped​. They want to ​enjoy travel, dining ​out ​and other interests​ that might be thwarted by taking on too large of a mortgage or too many ongoing maintenance costs for their home. Millennials​ are often ​faced with large amount​s​ of student loans to ​re​pay​ as well​.
  • Millennials ​Do ​their ​Research: What’s trending and popular among social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and Facebook ​drive the ​home wishlists of millennials. The perfectly organized and beautifully decorated spaces on social media drive the expectations of millennials and offer an easily accessible way to kick-start their research and exploration. Millennials tend to gather a lot of information very quickly, resulting in decisions being made very quickly.
  • Open ​Concept Floor​ ​​Plans ​Take ​Center ​Stage: The open concept design is a trend that has increased ​among all home buyers/owners over the ​several ​years and millennials are no different when it comes to ​the open concept ​appeal. Dropping formal dining​ spaces in favor of​ creating a more ​open and casual​ space between the kitchen and great room will continue to be a​n important​ design ​feature for millennials. ​Don’t forget technology . . . designing a tech hub within the home is ​a small but critical detail.
  • Updated Kitchen ​and ​Baths are Key: ​Statistically ​Kitchens and Baths are ​some of the most important in the home and millennials do not disagree. These rooms are top of the list when it comes to the required updates of a home. The kitchen has gradually become the epicenter of the home while baths ​offer much needed retreats​ from busy lives.
  • Home Office or Dedicated Space for a Home Office Increasing in Need: ​The number of people who work​​ from home ​is on the rise,​ so​ the need for a dedicated ​work ​space ​within the home is growing.​ A separate work space​ balances the open concept by providing a quiet organized space for work tasks such as phone calls and research.
  • Location is Going Urban: ​Depending on their stage of life, ​many millennials want to live closer to downtown/urban areas​ to be close to the action. However, ​as families grow, ​moving closer to residential areas​ to be nearer to schools and grocery stores becomes important​, so urban infill ​will continue to become more prevalent.
  • Technology Friendly Homes are a Must Have: Landlines and cable jacks are in the days of the past. ​Millennials want a home ​equipped with the latest technology​​, so wireless systems​ are essential​ to support growing trends for home automation and remote access​.
  • Home Efficiency and Sustainability are Important: An energy efficient home is important to millennials. Using sustainable products in construction is an important consideration, whether in a new home or when renovating. Millennials want to use processes and materials with less of an impact on the environments.
  • Quality over Quantity: When it comes to selections of finishes, appliances, and furnishings, millennials ​value quality​ over quantity​, so they often spend a lot of time researching the best products in areas that are important to them. Their minimalist approach to design often drives the mantra “less is more” in home design​ which may mean ​deleting finishes like crown moulding ​in favor of custom ​cabinetry and closet ​organizers. ​In addition to quality, millennials ​prefer unique, one-of-a-kind pieces​ that can be integrated into the design.​

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