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The Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer: Pet Friendly Home Design

Pet Friendly Architectural and Interior DesignAlthough the “dog days of summer” are almost behind us, it bears mentioning how homeowners are reinventing the standards of custom home design when it comes to pet-friendly designs. Homeowners are turning it up a notch and taking into account their canine or feline (or other pets) family members when designing their custom homes. With approximately 62% of US households having a pet, it’s clear that pets play a significant role in the American life. The over 72 Million homeowners have started to demand more and more products and services centered around their pet residents.The traditional pet doors and pet gates are just the basics when thinking about pet friendly design; what about flooring, furniture, central VAC, and cabinet design? We’ve compiled a list below of important design features your new home or renovation should include if you aim to keep “Fido” happy:

  • Pet friendly construction materials
  • Cabinets with pull-out food storage and bowl storage
  • Bath/Shower units for pets in mudrooms/storage areas
  • Pet beds/crates built into furniture design
  • Fabrics that are durable, easy to clean and resistant to claws, paws, and fur.
  • Paint finishes that are easy to clean such as semi-gloss or satin over flat
  • Carpeting on stairs to prevent slipping; on wood flooring steer clear of the those that show scratches..all carpets should be stain resistant
  • With furniture, take a look at metal framing and legs to prevent chew marks
  • Central vacuum system to make cleanup a breeze
  • Design should extend to the exterior of your home with pet friendly vegetation, fencing, and hardscapes that are gentle on the paws

The team at ACM Design takes time to clearly understand all the needs of our homeowners, from form and function to aesthetics and even pets. Our portfolio of work extends throughout WNC with testimonials speak that for themselves. For an architectural and design team with a personal commitment to your custom home or renovation project, contact ACM Design to get your dreams on track to become a reality.

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