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Why Hire a Local Architect?

Once you’ve made the decision to hire an architect, the task of finding the right architect follows. Many homeowners search online for an architect, either with search engines or through resources like This is a great place to start, but what happens when you find an architect that’s not local to the area you’d like to build or remodel? In some locations, where topography is not an issue, working with an out of town architect might be ok. Here, in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the topography can be extremely challenging regarding both constructability and cost. That is why it is extremely important to work with an architect who is knowledgeable with our area and its conditions.


A Local Architect ….


  • …. is knowledgeable of the area’s geography and terrain. Topography can vary greatly even within a small geographic location, so hiring an architect who is well acquainted with your home’s location is important. For example, in Western North Carolina to capture the beautiful mountain views, often a home site deals with both topography and elevation. These conditions usually result in significant engineering of the home foundation to meet higher standards due to the topography and wind loads due to elevation. This design criteria is much more complicated than for home construction in areas that are more flat/level.

  • …. is familiar with local building costs and can offer cost savings design alternatives. Hiring a local architect can save you money in the long run. During the design process, there are numerous factors that come into play when creating the design of your home. In the Asheville area, many homes are constructed with stone or stone accents which can become costly if local resources are not employed. Knowing what is available locally can make a big difference in construction cost. An architect from another area may not be as knowledgeable of the availability and costs of particular materials.

  • …. can offer suggestions for other local professionals needed during the building process such as builders, sub-contractors, etc. Being well-informed and experienced with other local professionals is another crucial reason for hiring local. Homeowners who contract with an architect for a custom design can benefit greatly by having insight from the architect on how to select other professionals in the residential construction and housing industry. This insight will save time, money, and in many cases, headaches for the homeowner in the long run. Often, firms like ACM Design, have gathered a list of professionals they recommend for clients to then conduct interviews and make a selection.

  • …. is local. While it may seem a simple reason to hire locally, it’s perhaps one of the most important. A local architect is more readily available to meet with you face-to-face, walk the jobsite together and even shop selections together. Additionally, you can ask to view the architect’s other projects and speak to clients who have worked with them. It’s hard to replace the personal interaction and trust that builds from it by hiring a local architect.

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